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Game of the Master and the Huntress. Master and Hunter 2019

$ 1.57

In his eleven years of conducting trainings and publishing books, Alex Leslie taught the seduction of tens of thousands of very different men and women. In fact, he showed them how a real seducer should think and act. In the new book, Alex goes further - he tells how to achieve his own level - the level of the Master! And the level of the legendary Huntress, which can drive the Master crazy.

The book consists of two parts. The first is the Master Code and the Huntress - the exclusive author's technology of influencing the opposite sex, created by Alex Leslie. Having mastered this technology, you will always and in everything be apart from the competition. The second part - the Game of the Master and the Huntress - is an immersion into the reality of the real Players, surrounded by Alex Leslie and the Masters and Huntresses he trained. WITHOUT CENSORSHIP!

The book is intended for readers over 18 years old. Contains foul language. Available in author's edition.

$ 1.57