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Pizza Connection 2019

$ 0.92

Make quick dough in spite of ruthless competition, crooked authorities and greedy gangsters. Pizza Connection is a humorous business strategy game that challenges you to build a pizza empire from scratch. Try this spicy slice of the pizza-making business.


  • Use demographics to determine the best location for your restaurant

  • Keep on top of the latest eating trends to build your customer base

  • Contact competing banks to get the lowest interest rates

  • Buy restaurant furniture and equipment

  • Hire waiters, cooks and a manager, each with their own skills

  • Fight off the competition and decide on how to work with underworld gangsters

  • Build your empire across cities, Europe or America

  • Use billboards, newspapers or TV ads to advertise your restaurant

  • Create your own pizzas or make traditional ones using our colorful cookbook

  • Enter pizza contests against competing restaurants

$ 0.92