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Origin Access Basic Subscription WARRANTY [ORIGIN] 2019

$ 0.31

⭐️ Origin Access Basic ALL REGIONS / REGION FREE
After the purchase, you will receive the data (account) of the login type: password with the purchased Basic format (Basic) subscription from a month to a year

Information to purchase:
after the purchase you receive data from your login account: password;
❎ data from the mail is not available;
❎ no answer to the secret question;
✅ language on the account is free, the Russian language may not be so as not all games are REGION FREE;

Games available by subscription Basic / Basic 162 games:

ATTENTION: If after the purchase the account turned out to be invalid or the subscription is finished, please (within 30 minutes after the purchase) contact the correspondence and we will replace your account.
‼ ️ Please do not leave negative feedback before communication with the seller‼

$ 0.31