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Lepofrenia (STEAM Key) 2019

$ 0.07

The game takes place in a marginal metropolis area, filled to the top with the romance of the Russian suburbs. The plot tells about the difficult life of an office clerk who, due to circumstances, has to work as a loader. Without work, without family. Without life, really. Only Twitter and alcohol do not give the guy a final score of life.
But now, a colleague of the protagonist after another shift pulls him the magic pill "Aspirin" from all adversity, after which the life of the protagonist changes dramatically ...

Game features:
Beautifully animated pixel graphics.
Exciting and tense boss battles challenging the player.
The lamp atmosphere, filled to the top with the romance of Russian suburbs.
The characters are made in accordance with the caricatured images familiar to us from childhood.
Unusual for representatives of this genre of games, the plot will capture you with its head in its versatility and contrast of dynamic and philosophical aspects.

$ 0.07