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Hard Reset Redux [Steam key | Region free] 2019

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In Bezoar, the only surviving city of people, Major Fletcher, a war veteran and CLN soldiers, are drawn into the conflict of two of the greatest enemies of humanity. He will have to find out that everything is far from what it seems.

The popular first-person shooter returns to a thoroughly improved and amazingly complex. Hard Reset Redux is a completely new version of the classic cyberpunk, which includes all previous editions and adds advanced gameplay, excellent graphics and additional materials, which makes it the Best Hard Reset edition.

Hard Reset Redux is a fast-paced and hardcore single-player shooter that brings together the best features of the genre. Crazy destruction, hordes of enemies, a gorgeous selection of weapons, challenging missions and a beautifully embodied setting in the cyberpunk world. Originally born to be a breakthrough in the PC shooter genre, Hard Reset is back to conquer a new generation of computers.

- A memorable setting in the grim fantasy world of cyberpunk
- Rapid gameplay in the spirit of old-school shooters
- hordes of enemies
- Epic boss battles
- Sophisticated weapon improvement system based on experience
- Realistic graphics with full dynamic lighting
- Real physics and changing environments

Hard Reset Redux [Steam key | Region free] 2019

Hard Reset Redux [Steam key | Region free] 2019

Hard Reset Redux [Steam key | Region free] 2019

Hard Reset Redux [Steam key | Region free] 2019

$ 0.69
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$ 0.69