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Trials Rising [OFFLINE ACTIVATION] 2019

$ 2.35

Trials Rising - (Offline Activation) (Region Free)
✅It is important, we will do ACTIVATIONS from our personal (legally purchased) accounts. IF IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU to pass the game and not lose the preservation, then this product and Option for YOU.

Interface language: Russian / English / Multi15

✅ INSTANT ACTIVATION, waiting time from 10 minutes to 1 hour! We are in touch from 07 to 21 Moscow time!
✅You will pass the game on our activation 100%!
✅Warranty free reactivation (with activation activation) 100%!
Please note: You can play the game only in OFFLINE!
✅ Full customer support!
✅ Activation is provided only on one computer. You pay for 1 activation!
✅ When buying, you automatically agree to the description and terms.
✅ Be sure to check that your computer meets the minimum game requirements!

✅ How to activate the game:
If the drivers for the video card of the old version are updated IT IS IMPORTANT!
1) Download the game to activate: torrent The game is fully ready for activation, download to a convenient place for you on the disk.
2) Disable Windows updates using Win Updates DOWNLOAD:
3) Download and install TeamViewer (No way without it) Reputation is our most precious !!!
4. Install Uplay download (You can put on any disk, where there is more space) * You do not need to register an account in Uplay.
(you can put only one client! this is not STEAM, you cannot use 2 clients) Also note that you cannot play from your personal Uplay profile. Pass the game only later!
5. WHEN everything is ready, make a payment and receive a letter in the mail where it will be indicated where to write to receive activation.

Activation flies when you change / update Windows, as well as when you go online. Changing any components of the PC leads to a meeting of activation.
After activation, you will receive detailed instructions on how to avoid activation activation. If you follow all the instructions - no problems will arise.

Trials Rising [OFFLINE ACTIVATION] 2019

$ 2.35
Additional information

Q: What is TeamViewer? And why is he?
A: This is a program that accesses your screen, mouse and keyboard. To activate the game, you will need to enter a password from our account, we cannot give everyone our password for our own security, so we enter it ourselves. Also, you must take precautions and configure the firewall. The activator has experience in this and will do everything himself much faster than he will explain what and where to press.
Q: If the activator starts to climb on my computer?
A: He will get access only to what you see yourself. You will see everything the tuner does, as if he is sitting at your computer. You can at any time "squeeze" the mouse and break the connection, if something does not like or seem suspicious.
TeamViewer: Installation and Connection

$ 2.35