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Golden Winchester 1887 (1 day) 2019

$ 1.1

Action time: 1 day.
The gold version of the Winchester 1887 will not only set you apart from other fighters, but will also have an increased range with a rate of fire and one additional cartridge in the store.
ATTENTION!!! This code is intended for activation only on RU servers.

Golden Winchester 1887 (1 day) 2019

$ 1.1
Additional information

Warface is a free multiplayer online shooter developed by the world famous company Crytek.

After the purchase you get:
Pin code: Gold Winchester 1887 (1 day)

By activating the code on the site, you will receive the Golden Winchester 1887 for 1 day.

Delivery: Electronic PIN activation code in text form (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX).
Delivery time: Instant emailing.
Game: Warface

$ 1.1