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GTA5 Steam Eternal warranty + gift + discount 2019

$ 3.14

Steam account with the game GTA5 as a bonus, there may be other games.

Dear customers, in order to avoid misunderstandings and controversial situations, it is now necessary to record a video from the moment of payment for the goods, before attempting to enter the mail or account in any way, as well as the rules placed in the additional information are mandatory, deviations from the rules deprive the warranty exchange \ refund. These rules apply to all buyers. Seller reserves the right to refuse support without providing this video.

1. You receive data from mail and data from your account
2. After that, you change all the data to your own
All these actions will help protect your account from intruders.

Before buying, carefully read all instructions. If you do not agree with at least one of the items, please refrain from buying an account. Thank you)

Stock! Having made a purchase and leaving a positive response "I want a gift"
You are guaranteed to receive AS A GIFT!

Everything is very easy to get a gift, you need:
1) Click on the "Good"
2) Write your own review and add "I want a gift"
3) Within 1-3 days, I will send you a copy of the gift (you will receive a notice to your mail)

Attention! This is a gift! No guarantee for it does not apply. Please treat with understanding and take in the soul.

GTA5 Steam Eternal warranty + gift + discount 2019

GTA5 Steam Eternal warranty + gift + discount 2019

$ 3.14
Additional information

Pressing the buy button, you acknowledge that acceptance of the terms of the purchase, namely:

1. Shop provides you immediately after the payment of a game account data. All Steam accounts have the form mail: pass (login: pass)
1.1 All operations on change of data makes the buyer.

2. Guarantee at the time of sale.
2.1 The shop is not responsible for the fate of the account.

3. Shop and his staff did not know anything about hacking mails, selecting passwords, etc.

4. We do not check the accounts for the presence of the secret question, and in the case of the presence of one answer to it we do not know, these accounts do not change.

5. We can not control after the sale of account, so we are not liable for your actions with them after the sale. Can you change your password / resell / give to a friend / computer viruses / etc We do not know why in the case of any problems you have encountered after the sale read paragraph 2.

6. If the account that you bought without a valid (not suitable login: password), or playing on it does not fit the description, then immediately (within 5 minutes later applications will not be considered) write a message through the "Correspondence with the seller "(available after payment of the goods), not to be confused with the shape of a review!

7. Refunds shall only take place if the seller can not provide a replacement within 24 hours of purchase.

8. Leaving Review "poor" to solve your problem (example: replacing non-working account), your data are entered in the black list (ie you get a BAN (ban) for further purchases from this seller).

9. All communication through the "Correspondence with the seller."

$ 3.14