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VK Friends / Subscribers 2019

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Friends of basic quality with a speed of 10-40 per day will subscribe to your account immediately after paying for the order!
Maximum order of 2500 units, minimum 50 units.
At the time of promotion the page should be open for public access. Do not change the page address at the time of wrapping.
Update the ribbon in time, publish 1-2 interesting publications daily, make your page as lively and interesting for subscribers as it will provide an opportunity to ensure the cheat is as safe as possible.

VK Friends / Subscribers 2019

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Additional information

Need to order:
= Link to personal VK page where you need to add friends / subscribers
= Choose the quantity you need.
= Choose a convenient payment method for you.
= After payment, enter the 16-digit code to confirm the order.

After payment you will receive a unique 16-digit payment confirmation code, to activate the order, send it to the seller in a chat by correspondence.

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