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Crisis Management Tests Synergy 2019

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Speaking of the terms "incompatibility" and "non-payability", you can say that ...
Mark the correct answer:
these concepts are identical
insolvency is a consequence of insolvency
there is no connection between them
failure can result from insolvency

Unbelievable, that to extraordinary payoffs ...
Mark the correct answer:
settlements with other creditors
reward to the arbitration manager and his team
loans raised during the bankruptcy proceedings
legal costs

... the greatest way to deprive oneself of the security of unrestrained labor
Mark the correct answer:
In England
In Russia
In Germany

... was canceled by the lawyers of the Russian Empire, due to the fact that the activity of proc- ess is unspeakable
Mark the correct answer:
After the 1917 revolution
After the transition to the NEP
In the Soviet period
During the policy of war communism

The rule of the law is to count the calculation method "..."
Mark the correct answer:
Equity / real share capital
Long-term liabilities / Net working capital
Effective Debt / Cash Flow

The reasons for proclamations, which are unsuitable for a force of their own form,
are ...
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The ultimate form of the sustainability of the business is the ...
Mark the correct answer:
inherited resilience
overall sustainability

The toolset, tool and system of banking, it is possible to note that more general understanding is ...
Mark the correct answer:

The ability of the enterprise to pay at their own discretion to the right of time
Negative local funds are invoked in the growth of the capital gains over the past seven years.
accomplished - this is ...
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Absolutist non-proliferation is called ...
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The system of social relations, which is established by the connection between the manufacturer and the
by the decree of the dispensary, - this is ...
Mark the correct answer:
bankruptcy system

The administrative liability is not enforced in the event of ... inconsistency
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The connectivity of the control, diagnostics and protection of the enterprises from the banking sector is ...
Mark the correct answer:
banking supervision
bankruptcy instrument
bankruptcy institution
bankruptcy system

Perpetual Banking of Enterprises is ...
Mark the correct answer:
business risks
poor management
lack of funds

Ensuring the protection of the interests of citizens, the business of the employee, the hard worker, the hard work collective - this is the purpose of the institution
inaccuracy in the ... economy
Mark the correct answer:
meso level
macro level
micro level

The Institution of the Privilege means that by the right of peril under the responsibility of the Obligations of the use of ...
Mark the correct answer:
founders of a bankrupt enterprise
bankruptcy administration
bankrupt enterprise employees

... liable for the avoidance of inaccuracy of the debtor, inadvertently repay their debt,
is the effect of mismatching accounts for 1 month on the cym, which is easy to carry out liquidity
Mark the correct answer:
In Germany
In France
In England

The capacity of the enterprise is to be replenished with unconnected forces with the help of the existing procession.
surplus factors characterize the coefficient of…
Mark the correct answer:
equity turnover
current liquidity
absolute liquidity

The participants of the banking system are ...
Mark the correct answer:
employees of the Federal Financial Rehabilitation Service
Judges of the Supreme Arbitration Court
arbitration managers

The correct comfort of external and internal reasons of bankruptcy in the countries with unstable economy: ...
Mark the correct answer:
60% external causes and 40% internal causes
80% external causes and 20% internal causes
50% external causes and 50% internal causes
70% external causes and 30% internal causes

B Old Century Banking Progress ...
Mark the correct answer:
applied to all entrepreneurs, regardless of the type of activity
applied only to merchants
applied to all but merchants

Naming of inconsistency, which is not vigilant in obedience to the practical terminology of Russia: “...
inconsistency "
Mark the correct answer:

Sustainability of the enterprise, determined by the stability of the environment, in which the scope of
efficiency of the enterprise, - this is… stability
Mark the correct answer:

 - this is a poor security adapter
Mark the correct answer:
Real bankruptcy
Business failure
Forced bankruptcy

If the assets of the company-bankruptcy are not sufficient to destroy his liability, the greatest odds
receive from the debt of the guardian has ...
Mark the correct answer:
federal budget
head of enterprise
liquidation commission
enterprise owner

It is not true that the transaction costs include ...
Mark the correct answer:
contract costs
costs of finding information on prices and quality of necessary goods
control over the implementation of contracts and their legal protection
material acquisition costs

One of the criteria that is useful in Russia, which makes it possible to read a stridently balanced balance sheet, and
noncontrollable, - this coefficient is ...
Mark the correct answer:
long-term borrowing
current liquidity
real value of property
enterprise autonomy

If the property of a columnist is not sufficient for the destruction of his obligation, that is, from the profit of this
the assets of the team are exploited in the immediate succession, and in the last quarter ...
Mark the correct answer:
payable to the budget is repaid
liquidation expenses are reimbursed
fulfilled obligations

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