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Battlefield 4 Premium Edition 2019

$ 23.52

Premium Membership has its perks:

  • Get the edge on the battlefield with access to every expansion pack, exclusive content and more when you upgrade to Battlefield 4 Premium.

  • Five Expansion Packs. Be a key player in every battle. Premium membership gives you instant access to 20 new maps, 48 exclusive assignments, new modes and more.

  • Priority server access. Jump ahead of the pack- Premium membership grants priority position in the server queue, letting you get in the fight faster.

  • Exclusive customizations. Express your identity on the battlefield with Premium-exclusive camos, paints, emblems and dog tags.

  • Bonus weekly content. Level up faster with Premium-exclusive Double XP events and get more out of Battlefield 4 with weekly content updates.

  • 12 Battlepacks. Get 12 Battlepacks containing rare weapons, gear and customizations exclusive to Premium members.

$ 23.52