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Twitch Prime account (for loot) 2019

$ 1.56

After payment, you will instantly receive a Twitch account with an active Twitch Prime status (login and password), thanks to the status of Twitch Prime, you can get loot in games that have a Twitch Prime promotion!

You will not be able to get loot if the Twitch Prime promotion has ended in the game you need, so before you buy, make sure that the Twitch Prime promotion is still valid in the game you need!

Use your account immediately, getting loot is available! AVAILABILITY OF SABA IS NOT GUARANTEED

1. Sign in to your Twitch account at and then click on the crown sign in the upper right corner and select the bonus you need.

IMPORTANT: if you can not log into your account, either there is no prime status on the account, or the necessary loot is already activated on your account, write a message through the "Ask a Question" button, the account will be replaced!

Twitch Prime account (for loot) 2019

Twitch Prime account (for loot) 2019

$ 1.56
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