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Apex Legends: Founders Pack [5 Years Guarantee] + Gift 2019

$ 0.76

✅ By purchasing this product you get a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE for its service. ✅
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🎮 Apex Legends: Founders Pack
✔ Hemlock's legendary skin "Famous"
✔ Exclusive look Rafe
✔ Exclusive look of Bloodhound
✔ Exclusive appearance of Gibraltar
✔ Exclusive frame banner Rafe
✔ Exclusive banner frame Bloodhound
✔ Exclusive frame of the banner of Gibraltar
✔ Exclusive founder emblem
✔ Coins Apex Legends or additional skins / characters.

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Description of the game Apex Legends:
Apex Legends is a multiplayer shooter, the events of which unfold in the universe Titanfall. Unlike other games of the series, there are no titans here - only pilots battles with each other. Players are waiting for a variety of unique characters, each of which has its own skills, the ability to play in a group, as well as unique things for the genre - for example, the revival beacon.

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Apex Legends: Founders Pack [5 Years Guarantee] + Gift 2019

$ 0.76