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Twitch Prime/Apex/RuneScape/NWN/WarFrame 2019

$ 1.57

After payment you will receive an instant Twitch Prime account.
NO FREE Subscription.
Be sure to untie the old account twitch (if you had one) from the game. After decoupling the old account, tie a new one and collect your reward.
Account will working from 1 to 30 days. Keep this in mind before you buy and immediately use the necessary bonuses.

Twitch Prime/Apex/RuneScape/NWN/WarFrame 2019

$ 1.57
Additional information

[1] - Activating Apex Legends: Omega Point Pathfinder
1. Follow the link:
2. Click "Claim Now"
3. Log in to your Origin account and allow access
4. Log into the game and get your gifts

[2] - Runescape activation
1. Sign in to your Twitch account on and then click on the crown sign in the upper right corner and click on the offer to offer Runescape bonus
2. Link your Twitch account with your RuneScape account here
3. Your RuneScape membership has begun! If you do not see the Twitch RuneScape loot, then go to Diango in the Village Drynor.

[3] - Activation of Neverwinter
1. Follow the link -
2. Link your account neverwinter and purchased account Twitch.
3. Enter the game and get the items.

[4] - Warframe activation
1. Follow the link -
2. Click on the "Link your accounts" button.
3. Log in to your Twitch account.
4. Items will be available the next time you start the game.

$ 1.57