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Codename Panzers Phase Two (Steam KEY)RU+CIS 2019

$ 1.54

Russian language
Platform: PC
Activation: Steam
Regional restrictions: Russia, Ukraine and the CIS


The update includes:
- The game is fully updated to work on modern computers.
- Support for modern screen resolutions.
- All patches included.
- Reworked network modes.

Real-time strategy, which takes place during the Second World War. The game features three campaigns: for the Axis countries - Italy and Germany, the Allies - the United Kingdom and the United States and the Yugoslav partisans. Each chapter features both familiar from the first game of the series Codename: Panzers, and new heroes of battles.

Game features:
- New areas of hostilities: Africa, Italy, Yugoslavia.
- Additional strategic opportunities in night missions.
- Hundreds of buildings and objects, as well as more than 20 types of troops.
- Hundreds of basic, additional and dozens of secret tasks - each can be performed in different ways.
- The mode of joint passage in multiplayer.
- Editor to create game modifications.

Instructions on how to activate the key on Steam:

1. Download and install Steam register an account on Steam.
2. Click "Add Game - Activate via Steam" and follow the instructions. After activation, the game will appear in the list of games and you can download it.
3. Download and after full installation, start and play.

Codename Panzers Phase Two (Steam KEY)RU+CIS 2019

$ 1.54