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Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers (Steam KEY)RU+CIS 2019

$ 0.77

English language
Platform: PC
Activation: Steam
Regional restrictions: Russia, Ukraine and the CIS
Game language: English

A sequel to a critically acclaimed, real-time, game-based game, Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers delivers the most authentic and realistic impression of infantry battles ever. As a squad leader, coordinate the actions of several infantry units, leading them through more than 12 levels of intense action. Use authentic combat tactics to command your squad while you fight enemies with an explosive arsenal of weapons, high-tech military equipment and new controlled mechanized units. New advanced squad management gives you more comprehensive tactical command of your squad while you lead them through a series of realistic combat missions. With all the new multiplayer modes, go online and team up with a friend in a two-player co-op or go face to face with eight players through a series of new competitive and team targets.

Game features:
- Innovative gaming experience - Combines intense battle-based combat, delivering the most authentic and realistic impression of infantry battles ever
- New office management - Independently controlled teams of intelligence officers and friends, the ability to give orders to one team, while controlling the other, and the ability to enter buildings and arrange sniper teams
- Advanced jet AI of enemies that realistically reacts to combat situations
- Expandable, non-linear level design with multiple paths to achieving goals
- New multiplayer experience - Full Spectrum Warrior style gameplay with both Cooperative and Competitive (Coalition vs. Opphor) online multiplayer modes

Instructions on how to activate the key on Steam:

1. Download and install Steam register an account on Steam.
2. Click "Add Game - Activate via Steam" and follow the instructions. After activation, the game will appear in the list of games and you can download it.
3. Download and after full installation, start and play.

Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers (Steam KEY)RU+CIS 2019

$ 0.77