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Anthem Standart Edition ENG ORIGIN 2019

$ 1.09

Anthem⭐️ (Russian and Chinese are not guaranteed!) ⭐️
Before you leave negative feedback - write about your problem to the seller.
The account has a lifetime warranty, in case of problems with the account, write to the "Correspondence with the seller" (not to be confused with the feedback form) and we will solve any of your questions!
Before buying carefully read the description!

ACCESS to your account with the game Anthem (Origin), the answer to the secret question is not available!
After purchase, you will receive account information:
🎮 Login and password
❎ The answer to the secret question is not available!
✅ At the game there are all languages ​​except Russian and Chinese !!! Russian and Chinese are not guaranteed !!
✅ All accounts with licensed games.
✅ On account, as a bonus, there may be other games.

Immediately after purchase:
1) Download and install the ORIGIN client
2) Login to the Origin client.
3) Download the game. Play !!!

After the purchase, leave a positive review, for us it is important.
Good game!

$ 1.09