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Book of Demons Ru Steam KEY 2019

$ 4.69

After payment you get the key to the game in steam

Book of Demons is a hybrid of Hack & slash and a card game in which YOU determine the duration of the game. Pick up magic cards instead of ordinary weapons and destroy armies of darkness in the dungeons under the Old Cathedral. Save the horrified Paper Universe from the claws of Arhidemon himself.

Procedurally generated dungeons.
Bagel mode for test mode.
70+ different types of monsters, with their mechanics and behaviors.
Support for Xbox and Steam controllers.
3 underground worlds and epic Boss fights.
Leaderboards are seasonal and all-time, 200+ Achievements.
Book of Demons is the first part of Return 2 Games - a series of original mid-core games inspired by the golden age of computer games.

Maps and Making Decks!

This is not a card game, but items, spells and skills are presented in card style. The strategy of a successful game is based on a change in the deck used, depending on the situation. Cards can be improved with runes, besides you will find a variety of card options with various bonuses. Legendary - this is the rarest and most epic cards that can be found.

Individual game sessions with Flexiscope!

Book of Demons appreciate your time. An important element of the game - Flexiscope, a tool that allows you to divide the game into stages of any duration. In addition, he analyzes your style of play and estimates the time required to complete the stage.

Unique mechanics!

Simplified movement and combat is what distinguishes Book of Demons from most hack & slash games. Very often, there will not be enough time to get rid of all obstacles in the way that can be removed by pressing, such as monster shields, enemy spells, poisons, or cards that are out of order, so time management, card selection and order of action are critical for successful games.

Hack & Slash in Paper Universe!

The events of Book of Demons take place in the Paper Universe / i], the world straight from the clamshell book.
This is an story about good and evil, about saving the world from absolute evil. Sounds familiar? Inspired by the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the first game of the Diablo series, the Book of Demons is both a tribute and a parody of the classic hack & slash games.

Comfortable gameplay!

Many elements of the Book of Demons were created with the thought of the convenience of the player. Places of interest are indicated at the top of the screen and are shown when approaching. The character leaves traces that can be used to find a way back or notice already explored places without even opening a map.

More trials after the main plot!

Completion of the main campaign by one class takes 10 hours on average, but the maximum character development, the discovery of all levels of difficulty of the Free Game and Tasks takes much longer. Bagel mode raises the complexity of the game to a new level, in this mode, restrictions on healing are introduced, there is the possibility of irretrievable death of the character and many other tests.

Book of Demons Ru Steam KEY 2019

$ 4.69
Additional information

The license key of Book of Demons (PC) is activated on Steam.

How to activate the key and start playing Book of Demons (PC):

If you do not have a Steam client installed, download and install it.
Log in to your Steam account or register a new one if you do not already have it.
To activate the key, select "Activate via Steam ..." in the "Games" or "Add Game" in the lower left corner of the application and select "Activate via Steam ..." there.
Enter the activation key (to get it, you need to buy the Book of Demons (PC)).
After that, the game will be displayed in the "Library" section, and you can download Book of Demons (PC).

$ 4.69