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Greek dance OBELIX (guitar solo) 2019

$ 2

"Clockwork" Greek melody - dance. Performed by the reception of the game in the style of Chet Atkins. It requires meticulous work in the fingering of the right hand, only with the condition of absolute discipline and working out possible to perform at the right pace and without loss. For example (not the most successful in execution) lay out the version of the performance of the children's ensemble.

$ 2
Additional information

Files to pdf, notes duplicated tabs.If you have problems with obtaining files-contact me, I will help 100%.
Arrangement is made with a love of good music, each spent dozens of hours of time (including practicing performance for video recording, etc.).)
Earnest request: do not put your purchased arrangement(or typed in other notation software) to access. Please,in public performance, or when transferring to another electronic format - specify the author of the transcription. Nice review, good game!

$ 2