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Cossacks: Campaign Expansion STEAM KEY GLOBAL/Re-on fre 2019

$ 2

This add-on contains four campaigns for the single player game from the original Cossacks: European Wars game, and five campaigns from the Last Kings Argument: nine campaigns with 63 extreme missions. Over 30 hours of extra play in the Cossacks!

Campaigns allow you to learn about historical events on a much larger scale. Grand battles up to 8000 units on the map. Supplement contains a lot of historical information, and the game itself includes an extensive encyclopedia about wars, battles, nations, technologies, armies and units of Europe XVI-XVIII centuries.

Large-scale wars and campaigns of the XVI-XVIII centuries are available for single player play. The most noteworthy are: the British battles in the Caribbean islands, the Khmelnitsky uprising (1648-1657), Russian expansion in Europe, the thirty-year war in France, Arab pirates, and much more.

$ 2