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American Conquest: Fight Back STEAM KEY GLOBAL/free reg 2019

$ 2

Three centuries of wars continue, with an even more desperate power struggle and more terrible battles breaking out across the American continent. The Spaniards declare an attack on the Yucatan, met with fierce resistance from the Mayans and Aztecs. The Germans are doing their best to find the legendary Eldorado. The uprising of Pontiac ends in a carnage between Native Americans and the British. And the Russians will stop at nothing until they capture Alaska, even at the cost of the Haida people.

Wonderful bonus awaits avid strategists: a new exciting mode "Battlefield" for single and multiplayer games! Only tactical skills will lead to victory or defeat in single and online battles. Well, break into battle!
Key features:
Epic real-time strategy, affecting the period from 1517 to 1804
New game mode "Battlefield": 10 combat missions for single and multiplayer modes for experienced strategists
5 new nations: Germany, Russia, Haida (the original inhabitants of coastal Alaska), Holland, Portugal
Stand-alone product that does not require installation of the original American Conquest
26 new missions in 8 exciting campaigns, including the Quest for Eldorado, the Rise of Pontiac and the Conquest of Alaska
New single missions
Fascinating real-time battles involving up to 16,000 combat units
Tactical constructions for infantry, cavalry and artillery
Morale depending on your victories, defeats, supplies of food, equipment and timely payments to mercenaries
Over 50 new combat units
Multiple multiplayer modes supporting up to 7 players on a local network or the Internet

$ 2