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Cossacks: European Wars STEAM KEY GLOBAL/ Region free 2019

$ 2

Cossacks: European wars - a historical real-time strategy based on European wars of the 16th-18th centuries. The game features more than 16 countries: Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Prussia, Austria, Sweden, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Piedmont, Saxony, Algeria, the Netherlands, Venice. The architecture, economics and technological achievements of each country are created taking into account historical facts and peculiarities. Each country has its own military advantages and disadvantages, unique troops and technologies that ensure victory over any enemy. England is the most powerful maritime power, Austria can boast of its cavalry, and the Cossacks are undoubtedly the pride of Ukraine.

Take part in the battles of a single game or multiplayer and let into battle up to 8000 units of troops at the same time. Storm the fortress, wage guerrilla wars, capture strategically important heights, ambush, land on the coast of the enemy, and of course participate in great sea battles. Produce resources, develop the economy and science, seize new lands and protect your borders.

$ 2