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$ 1.24

Dangerous and unpredictable environment - a proprietary feature of all games of the Lost Planet series, but now the player will face the most difficult trials! Lost Planet 3, dedicated to the history of the colonization of E.D.N. III, reveals new secrets ominous planet.

The hero of Lost Planet 3 is pilot Jim Peyton, who accepted the risky but profitable business offer of Neo Venus Construction (NEVEK). Departing from Earth to the planet E.D.N. III, which the company is preparing for colonization, Jim joins the pioneering comrades at the Koronis base. There he begins to explore the territory and collect samples of thermal energy, which constitutes the energy reserve of the planet.

Since the NEVEC thermal energy reserves are coming to an end, the fate of the mission on Koronis depends on whether it will be possible to extract energy from a found natural source. Jim understands that this is a great chance to get a huge reward and go home early. The pilot decided to challenge the insidious planet and the aggressive local race of the Acrides.

The car for Jim is "a native corner away from home." It contains a set of tools that are indispensable in the field. Without a car, Jim would have lost not only work, but also life - the hull protects the pilot from the vagaries of climate.

Lost Planet 3 combines various game styles, including foot battles and intense first-person battles. The game has several multiplayer game modes and a fascinating story for one player. Lost Planet 3 will allow you to dive even deeper into the world of Lost Planet and discover the secrets of E.DN. Iii. in a unique dynamic setting.

$ 1.24