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Telegram views on 10-20 last messages on the channel (you choose the type). Those. when ordering thousands of views, 1000 views get 10-20 recent posts, total views will be 10-20 times more than ordered!
How to pay?
1) Choose the amount you need.
2) Specify the link to your channel to add.
3) Choose a convenient payment method for you.
4) After payment, enter the 16-digit code to confirm the order.
Channels, supergroups, chat rooms and bots of the following products and services are not allowed:
- Explosive substances and materials, except for pyrotechnic products.
- Remote sale of goods prohibited for sale by remote means.
- Medical services for artificial interruption of pregnancy.
- Narcotic and psychotropic substances, as well as their precursors.
- Weapon. Advertising any types of weapons, including pneumatic, hunting, antique, gas, souvenir.
- Prescription drugs.
- Channels, supergroups and chat rooms with malicious content and resources, the purpose of which is to obtain funds or contact information of users fraudulently.
- Distribution of pornographic materials.
- Financial pyramids.
- Casinos and other types of gambling. The exception is poker.
- Hacking services: websites, mail, personal pages, etc.
- Spamming services.

Non-compliance with the conditions:
- Task and account is blocked.
- Refund is not possible.
Get a bonus:
After a successful transaction, click "PRODUCT DELIVERED"
Leave your review and get another 100 likes in Instagram or VC on any of your publications (Link to which, first write to the seller in correspondence)

$ 0.02
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