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Telegram | Auto views for new entries 2019

$ 0.03

Auto-views on all new entries in the Telegram channel (no more than 10 posts per day, and no more than 3 reposts).
How to pay?
1) Choose the amount you need.
2) Specify the link to your channel to add.
3) Choose a convenient payment method for you.
4) After payment, enter the 16-digit code to confirm the order.
How it works?
1. Check your channel for new entries. After finding a new record is sent to the queue.
2. There is a process of cheating views, the speed of cheating, you choose.
Restrictions - Up to 10 new entries per day.

Get a bonus:
After a successful transaction, click "PRODUCT DELIVERED"
Leave your review and get another 100 likes in Instagram or VC on any of your publications (Link to which, first write to the seller in correspondence)

$ 0.03
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