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What is CRM? How to help automate work 2019

$ 4.51

You get a pdf file of 10 pages, with a key extract that gives a basic understanding of the definition of a CRM system for the sales department.
What else do you learn from this file:
- definition of CRM
- what result in the work of the company you get using CRM
- who will be useful CRM-system
- who does not fit the CRM-system
- what tasks does CRM not solve
- problems in the implementation of CRM
- how CRM helps sales managers
- how CRM helps the head of the company

$ 4.51
Additional information

If you have heard about the programs Bitrix24, AmoCRM, but do not know how they can help you and how they can be useful, you will learn the basics of CRM from this short tutorial and can draw conclusions about the need to start using some program to solve your problems in the department sales.

$ 4.51