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Rage 2 DELUXE + БОНУСЫ ( KEY) RU 2019

$ 32.65

You buy a pre-order the official activation key of the game RAGE 2 DELUXE to activate in

The key of the game you get on 05/14/2019 at 00-01 Moscow time, in the window that opens after making a payment, also a link to the page with the key will be sent to your email address specified at the time of purchase.

Localization: English
Activation System:
Region of activation: Russia

Pre-order bonuses:

The exclusive mission "CULT OF THE DEATH GOD",
Body armor and pistol settler Nicholas Rhine,
Coloring Mutant monster truck.

The composition of the publication:

Game Rage 2,
KLA DOOM BFG Super Weapon,
Heath Wizard Cheats,
Development accelerators,

Welcome to the gloomy post-apocalyptic world where chaos and lawlessness reigns! Thanks to the joint efforts of the developers of Avalanche Studios and id Software, the new crazy first-person shooter RAGE 2 will give you a feast of slaughter and freedom - you are free to go anywhere, shoot anything and blow up anything!

After the death of 80% of the world's population, the pitiful remnants of the former civilization are struggling for life with all their might. Ruthless, bloodthirsty gangs are scouring empty roads, and a despotic government is trying to hold power with an iron fist. You - Walker, the last ranger of the wasteland and the threat of their regime. You were kidnapped right from home and left to die. Now you crave justice and freedom!
You have to fight with insane thugs in the open world with a variety of superpowers, as well as participate in machine battles to get the tools and technology to overthrow the repressive Government once and for all!

Instructions on how to activate a key in

1. Register your account at, if it does not already exist
2. Enter the key here:
3. The game will be added to your library of games and you can download it.

Rage 2 DELUXE + БОНУСЫ ( KEY) RU 2019

Rage 2 DELUXE + БОНУСЫ ( KEY) RU 2019

Rage 2 DELUXE + БОНУСЫ ( KEY) RU 2019

Rage 2 DELUXE + БОНУСЫ ( KEY) RU 2019

$ 32.65