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Rebel Inc (AppStore for iPhone/ iPad,Apple,IOS,Itunes) 2019

$ 0.78

Buying this product you get:
✅ AppStore game account with the game:
✅ Rebel Inc
✅ Data of the form: login: password + Instructions how to download the game from the store
"GUARANTEE" for the purchased goods (in case of problems, contact the PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE)

Note: (IMPORTANT!) Before you buy, read that this product is supported by your device!
1) Our accounts are not eternal: passwords to them change after 5 days after the purchase of goods! The downloaded games remain on your device, but in the case of a game update, you will need to purchase access to your account again or play the old version of the game.
2) Accounts are issued only for downloading the applications you need, after downloading, go to your account.

It is prohibited:
Enter the received data in iCloud.
Enter any changes in the data of the shared AppStore account.
Independently purchase games and applications, additional items.

Rebel Inc (AppStore for iPhone/ iPad,Apple,IOS,Itunes) 2019

$ 0.78