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Trials Rising 2019

$ 17.23

Pre -order now to get two customization packs:

  • Jungle Jungle Rider Pack Pack

  • Wild West Rider Wild West Rider Wild West Rider Wild West Rider Pack Pack

Each pack includes 5 items for your rider and 1 item for your bike.

Get ready to eat dirt before you can taste victory!

Trials returns with the biggest and most ambitious sequel of the franchise to date, combining the classic unforgiving but fair gameplay, over-the-top action praised by the fans with all-new features, more competition, and a fresh visual look


From the Eiffel tower to the great wall of china, ride against other players to build up your fame. Choose your own way to race! Solo, online or local multiplayer and even hilarious co-op with the new Tandem Bike.


Make any outfit or bike your own with a deep customisation tools. Share your custom gear to be rewarded when other players use them!


Join the family! From the leaderboards competition to the player-created tracks, the challenge never ends.

$ 17.23