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Lineage 2 Classic Adena - 4game 2019

$ 0.82

Adena (Adena) - this game currency, in Lineage 2.
For Aden can buy everything in the market, as well as the exchange of players. View current aden balance on your account, you can open the Inventory menu or by pressing I.

Adena will be delivered to your character's name by mail or in person. Delivery is made from 5 minutes to 24-hours, depending on the time of day and availability of an operator. Once you have paid for the selected item, contact the communications and let us know the PIN code you received after payment server, as well as the name of your character in the game.

Why choose us:
+ We work since 2006, which gives us a lot of experience and knowledge
+ Only an honest product produced by hand without the aid of prohibited programs
+ Fast Delivery
+ Nice price and service
+ Client always receives more than pay
+ Discounts for regular customers
+ An individual approach to each client

ATTENTION! Write your nickname in the same way and in the language in which he at you in the game!

Lineage 2 Classic Adena - 4game 2019

Lineage 2 Classic Adena - 4game 2019

$ 0.82
Additional information

ATTENTION! Please, before you buy be sure to find out the availability of the goods at the operator!

We deliver Adena relatively safe way, through the mail; also, in exceptional cases, we may ask you to send us an email with any necessary things not to look like an exchange. But if you need the other way - we will deliver as it should you. We have pure gold obtained honest way without the use of bots and other illicit ways.

For more information on buying Adena, as well as other information related to the game Lineage 2 you can also ask our consultants.
Please leave a positive review in the box after the payment of the goods or link.
Buying Lineage 2 Adena You agree that breach the license agreement and that you sanction on the part of the administration, the seller is not responsible and does not return the money spent can be applied in the case of the administration of sanctions, but we are doing everything to ensure the safety.

Gate Into Game wishes you an enjoyable game!

$ 0.82