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I am an illustrator. Online course 2019

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Course Description
Online course on illustration, which we all have been waiting for! Practical advice, tricks of the profession and a complete overview of the scope of activities: from stock and commercial graphics to magazine and book.

Friends, we present you a great online course that we have compiled for a long time and thoroughly.

We invited 10 lecturers - experts in their field who are ready to share their many years of experience. Together, they recorded over 18 hours of lectures, rich and full of information. This is an honest story about customers, orders and the pitfalls of the profession, able not only to inspire, but also to equip with the necessary knowledge.

Here are the topics we discuss:
International competitions as a launching pad for a career / Daria Shnykina
How to become a popular illustrator / Margarita Kukhtina
Book Illustration / Masha Ship
Free artist and magazine illustration / Gleb Solntsev
Commercial Illustration / Yana Klous-Ivanova
Animation for Illustrators / Natalia Grofpel
Book trailers and augmented reality in the book / Alina Aleinikova
All about patterns / Vika Maslakova
Microstocks and print shops / Anna Tyukhmenyova
Protecting Your Rights: Customer and Contract / Vera Marova * lecture order may change
With this course we want to show that illustration as a profession is a vast area in which everyone can find their own niche. Here, earnings depend only on the artist and on his perseverance, diligence and skill. And where to direct them to get the desired result, the course lecturers will tell.

Who will be interested in:

For practicing artists, this is an opportunity to replenish and deepen their knowledge, open a new area for work, for beginners to find their direction in an endless ocean of opportunities, get important recommendations and avoid the mistakes that beginners make.

How the course is built:

Access to lectures will be tied to your mail. Every week, on Saturdays, we will spread lectures. Every week one by one. You watch lectures when it suits you. In the comments under each lecture you can ask a question to the lecturer, and he will answer you. So that you turn halfway and reach the end, we have the motivation for you. At the end of the course you will find a beautiful certificate of completion of the course "I - Illustrator"! To get it, you need to correctly answer the questions of the secret test that we have prepared for you.

I am an illustrator. Online course 2019

$ 1.55