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Python programming for grades 8-10 2019

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Course Description
Python is used in Yandex and Google, NASA and Apple, CERN and IBM. Python is used to write computer games and web applications, system software and application programs. You can write on it under a variety of platforms - from Windows, Linux and Mac OS to Andoroid and iOS. At the same time, Python is one of the most simple and concise languages. Having learned to write on it in one line complex programs that occupy dozens of lines in C and Pascal, you no longer want to voluntarily return to these languages! The course is designed for students who want to learn from the basics to professional opportunities a modern, in-demand and at the same time very understandable programming language.
Gurovits V.M.

Course program
Course program:

Lesson 1. Pyhon Language

Formal languages ​​of writing algorithms
Why do you need to be able to program?
Syntax, semantics and pragmatics
Hello, World!
Exotic Programming Languages
About Python
Interpretation and compilation
Where is Python used
We write in Python in one line
I / O in Python
Installing Python and development environments
WING IDE Programming Environment
Lesson 2. Programming environment. Integers and strings

Installing Python and development environments
WING IDE Programming Environment
Python Variables
Keywords and ids in Python
Variable Value Exchange in Python
Literals of numbers in Python
Integer type (int) in python
Strings in python
Python String Literals
Python string slices
Python String Methods
Work with the testing system
Lesson 3: Conditional Operator

Tasks to find, replace, and delete a substring in a string in Python
Shielded characters in Python
Types of data and priorities of operations in the Python language
Type Conversion in Python
Boolean type (bool) in Python
Principle of conditional execution
Conditional instruction in Python
Pass instruction in python
Lesson 4. The while loop. Number theory

Python loop control instructions
While loop in python
Output numbers with the reverse order of numbers and in a given number system
Variable flags
Examples of using the flag variable
Simplicity test
Checking simplicity by brute force dividers
Checking numbers for simplicity in Python
Factorization by enumeration of dividers
Factoring a number in python
Euclidean algorithm
Session 5. Cycle for

Python for loop
Number stream filtering
Finding numbers in a stream in Python
Finding the maximum and minimum number in a stream in Python
Finding the second highest extremum in Python
Number of equal maxima
Pseudorandom number generation
The arithmetic mean and the deviation from the mean
Arithmetic and geometric progression
Recursively specified sequences
The sum and product of a sequence of numbers
Debugging Python Applications
Lesson 6. Functions

Structured Programming Paradigm
Functions in programming
Benefits of structured programming
Functions in Python
Function call graph
Call stack
Variable scope in Python
Polymorphism of functions in Python
Duck typing
Math functions in Python
Lesson 7: Tuples and Lists

Tuples in python
The split and join methods for a list of strings in Python
Lists in python
Array traversal
Cyclic shift in an array
List slices in Python
List operations in Python
Lesson 8: Quadratic Sorts

Sort by selection
Sort Inserts
Bubble sorting
Synchronous array sorting
Sorting stability
Lesson 9: Quick Sorts

Random array shuffling in Python
Sort by count
Bitwise sorting
Lesson 10. Recursion

Recursion in python
Lesson 11. Functional programming

Passing a function as an argument in Python
lambda functions in python
Python map object
Programming style (for Python)
Lesson 12: File I / O

Work with text files in Python
Throwing spaces and managing the string case
Session 13. Two-Dimensional Arrays

Python list generators
Two-dimensional arrays in Python
Table generators
Matrix Operations

Python programming for grades 8-10 2019

$ 1.55